Brands Variety Show!

Feel rather starstruck today! Reached Mediacorp at 11.15am and saw Li Guo Huang’s team acting at the reception! Super funny! Rather good entertainment as I waited for the producer to come pick me up :) Yup, we headed for makeup at 11.35am. Omg that’s when I started seeing stars! Lol. Let’s see.. Huang Wenyong, Joanne Peh, Yvonne Lim, Andrea Fonseka, Fiona Xie, Irene Ang, Ann Kok, and a few other Project Superstar people. Haha, it really feel damn good sitting next to Fiona Xie doing makeup la. Cos at least there’s eyecandy to look at, and Ann Kok’s really nice. For the second time after a damn long time, I must say this, the MUA rocks! I love her makeup skills! But hai, wasn’t in the right attire, not supposed to wear black but I forgot all about it so I was given some funny looking purple top! ITS NOT MINE! I don’t have such a niang top for goodness sake!

Headed down to the studio, went for lunch and I got even more starstruck.. Lol saw a few news presenters.. Can’t rmb their name, but definitely saw the Dong Shu Hua person.. yeahyeah, went back, and that’s when I saw the celebrities who will be with us for the game show… Joanne Peh, Adam Chen, Pornsak, Jeff Wang. Well, let’s just say Joanne Peh and Adam Chen are really nice people and I’m so so so glad I got partnered up with him. Haha, and my impression of Joanne really changed after today. She’s really very very friendly, and has become one of my favourite celebrities now! Too bad I didn’t get to see Felicia Chin :( Bryan Wong’s really nice too, no, not gay at all seriously. I had a rather bad impression of Jeff Wang though. Anyway, the game was fun la, don’t wanna say too much. You people go watch kaes! 24th August, 8pm! :) Oh ya, the recording had some rather lame parts, please dont laugh and fall off the chair when you see me doing silly actions. Sigh! Will end off with photos for now! Almost didnt get to take photo with Adam, Pornsak and Jeff Wang but caught them at the lift lobby.. phew!

Oh yeah, acting isn’t fun at all. Really. I was made to record this advert for 3 times.. had to memorise the script fast! :( Damn scary, had to keep a straight face too.. Sigh! Just because I’m the youngest.. :( The producer sabo-ed me..

Brands Variety Show!

The Setup! :)

The Contestants!

Meifen :)

Shimin :)

The host, Bryan Wong!

Pornsak, Guo Feng’s partner

Jeff Wang, Hui Shan’s partner

Joanne Peh, Wei Qiang’s partner

Last but not least, my partner Adam Chen!

My consolation prize :(


4 responses to “Brands Variety Show!

  1. 1. WAHAHAHA.
    2. PORNSAK!! omg. i like pornsak! :D i missed him terrbly when he decided to leave DJ-ing.
    3. Joanne Peh really very skinny. cannot stand it.
    4. Bryan Wong is good looking :D
    5. TWO STONES! teehee. =p

  2. 1. Hmmm about the advert? LOL
    2. He was a little quiet, didnt get to talk much to him…
    3. Hehe, she looks better in real life!
    4. Yes, indeed so, but quite mo peng also actually. hahaha!
    5. Lame!!

  3. this comments comes a week late. but i will post nv the less.. u look so cute darling. haha. i bet when i say the word darling it sends shivers down your spine. and i thot the purple top was quite nice. maybe its you that makes it nice. ha. Darling lovely cupcakes sweetheart. =)

  4. -_-” NO Comments! Please stop calling me that.. tong long si kek!

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