Busy busy bumblebee!

Man! Woke up at 6am today, met Evie on the bus and headed down to school! We were super early so we headed for breakfast at Clementi and got pissed off by two aunties. Blah. Whatever!

Decided to go to YIH for doctors before heading down for FOW and we saw Maurice and caught up with him! And to my surprise/shock, he was Producer! Wow. Amazing la. The world’s really small! Hopefully he succeeds in his new venture! All the best!

Today was FIC, but I didn’t go la, lazy to bring my formal attire and all. Good in a way cos I caught up with Shishi and Jackie who came down finally. I think both me and Shishi have a plan to follow closely next sem and we will do it together! Am so glad to know her :)

I finally gave way on the bus! Lol. Say bye to my voice! I’m officially sexy voice! Haha!! Tired tired tired. Not enough sleep but I’m super awake at night. Sigh, still have cheers to do, after which its GOOD NIGHT WORLD for me and WAKEUP at 6am tmr morning! On a good note, Mr Happy came in the mail today and made my day! :D

Hopefully I will have more photos tmr since its Flag Day! So so so random but who cares!

Btw, I realised something today when I was browsing through photos. People who do things out of their norm are the ones who feel rather insecure about themselves and try to ‘change’ themselves so that they will impress someone else they thought the other person would like. Sigh. What’s the point? Just be yourself please. Anyway, I got Evie’s photos last night so here they go.

Look closely, I drive slowly. 40km/hr.

I really hate purple eyeshadow. So here’s cheers to black photos.

I have a shy rabbit!


Me, Marilyn and Evie :D

CM Khakis!

Jaspi with the stone. Two stones. :X


2 responses to “Busy busy bumblebee!

  1. my goodness..the rabbit is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha yeah! :D My rabbit mah. :D

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