I’m feeling damn frustrated now. Just came online and I already see 5 chatboxes staring at me. Had a bad evening. Waited for my mom for over an hour! IN THE BLOODY CAR. Damn hot, with mosquitoes. Whatever. Then got screamed at for no reason. Even more pissed. Was in a good mood before that catching up with Jingie. THEN all of that had to happen. Thanks ah.

Whatever. Shan’t talk about it. Anyway, finally found the mode that I can take beautiful and clear photos in! Love it! Woke up at 9am today. Damn shagged, got changed and prepared and off I left at 10am to pick Evie up at his house to head down to Bugis. Eww, didn’t like what the MUA chose. Purple eyeshadow? Omg. That’s one thing I hate loads. Make one look like some KTV dancer.

Oh well, drove back home after that and Evie came upstairs to say hi to the Rabbit while I changed and wash up. Then off we went at 1pm cabbing down and found ourselves earlier than EVERYONE ELSE. -_-” Played and ate. Ok la, the food isnt nice, still think Minds much more better and worth it. Played First Hand, Balderdash, Champagne game and Saucy Charades. Ok la, think everyone’s tired… hence the game were pretty slow.

Then we left for Central and got even more bored cos nothing there interests us! Yeah, walked around and brought them to Dessert Hut to ate nice food. Then Jing said she had to find phones, and so off we went to PS and collected our goodie bags. Oh well, still waiting for photos from Evie. Tmr’s FOW again.. sigh. Already halfway to losing my voice :(

Yours truly is very animated.

So is the bestie.

But definitely, no one can win this.

Bestie and me!

The guys

Evie and Jingie

A molester in our premise.

Last but not least, end it with a good forfeit.

Choked on a mouthful of sausage!

Sexy Underwear


Tired. And tired.


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