FOW Day 2 + Stayover

Hmm, FOW started on a good note. My group had 11+/- people.
Doing it all alone was woo stressed, especially when I’m not exactly in my best condition.
But phew, managed to get pass it.

I had mascot making in the morning and tadah! our product!

Then we had food frenzy game around school…

And guess who came down to help… Bryan!

With part of the girls, Jerilyn and Roufang

And then… some of them left… and here’s what we have for stayover! Coolness. I like their enthuness. Amazingly, the girls in my group are more more more enthu than the guys! :D

Candy, Hui Ling, me, Patricia and Cynthia!

And guess who came down! Gen gen!

Yup, and we did loads for stayover… went out for supper halfway cos we were stoning so badly… but when Evie and me came back, they were finishing their 2nd game already! By then, YG and Gerald came back.. and the 5 of us continued to stone together when they went to play their games.. Took loads of videos, guess I will upload on youtube soon! Hai.. this was when my throat got real bad thanks to the Vanilla Cone I had.. Sigh, started downing loads of water, bottle after bottle, keep going to the toilet. Got a call from Violet dear last night! So happy la.. but couldn’t talk for long.. :(

Anyway, they brought us to see the float, and showed us the rag dance! LOVE IT! The rag team super good.. It looks much much much better than last year! Everything from costume, float to rag dance! After which, when we went back.. Pei Pei suggested going for supper again! So off we went to Fong Seng… Hehe, only ordered Teh O at first, but then stupid Gerald was tempting me with his plain prata so I ordered Egg and told them not so black.. Lol. Ok la, one good thing was it wasn’t oily at all. Yup and now, I’m trying hard not to talk… The 5 of us became Cheer I/C for rag.. and so now, I’m supposed to come up with at least 8 cheers! 2 hours of sleep last night… woke up this morning at 715am, saw Shishi and YG still sleeping soundly, so I left with Evie for breakfast at Thomson.. called Jingie out but that woman wanted to study for her FTT so oh well!

We had dimsum! Damn frigging nice! :D

Then off we went home, chatted a bit and off I went to sleep till now.. 10am to 5pm! I’m half awake, but my throat’s not half well. Sigh! Let’s get well soon before 8th August yeah!


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