Simpsons and FOW Day 1

Sigh, running a fever.. 39degs. Thanks lo. My sore throat cleared… Giddy. :( I really hope I don’t kena any malaria or whatsoever as what Jaspi said. CHOY CHOY CHOY! No mood to blog. Just do a quick one and I’m off to prepare for tmr and orhorh le.

Met up at AMK Hub with Evie to accompany him to buy bags. But didn’t buy any in the end. Ended up getting donuts, and free sausages and loads of liang cha. Went to Sportslink to walk arnd and then Jiang Yuan and Jing called and we went back to AMK Hub. Then went to the Food Court and Ty and Jaspi came by. Simpsons was great, not that funny as compared to Shrek 3 where I laughed awhole lot. Maybe I just didnt understand US’ politics?

While waiting for 88..

While listening to borrring Cors and Course Briefing.. we were having fun behind!

Then we went down for food and Evie koped Shishi’s jacket to wear.. and wanted me to take photo. Lame!

While coming back, I caught someone. :X Zai. Like that also can sleep.


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