Happy Birthday Jaspi!

Hoho! The surprise was supposed to take place earlier. But aiya, Jaspi could not leave the house on time so we had loads of time to kill. Good in a way since I woke up at 1pm this afternoon. Met up with CX for lunch at Subway before heading down to Bishan Swimming Pool to meet Evie, Tengy and Jingie. Anyway, the surprise was supposed to be some “IPPT” stations thingy la, as planned by Tengy, Jaspi’s PT. LOL. Quite tekan! But luckily, Jaspi was game enough to complete the whole thing!

Coolio. Did one last briefing before the girleighs set off into the pool. So scary. We were finding places to hide. And we were scared the lifeguards may think we are there to steal things since we don’t even look like we going there to swim. So bored while waiting for the main character so we ate what Tengy sneaked off at work – Snicker Bars! So much for wanting to lose weight. Sneaking off things were so thrilling la! It’s so scary, cos we almost got caught by Jaspi. But thanks to Tengy’s fast reaction… we managed to escape off the scene. Haha, what was left at the swimming pool was just shorts, socks and shoes. Oh ya, Jaspi got a new pair of red puma socks too. SUPER NICE LA! Evie was waiting outside.. So we went to our next clue area which was the busstop near the MRT Depot. Evie gave us a scare by cycling next to us suddenly.

While waiting there, we took loads of lame photos. And videos too. Hopefully Jaspi doesn’t see them. How embarrassing la. Anyway, they came by moments later, but Jaspi didn’t look really happy… so we were a little worried. But anyway.. it went well in the end. Evie headed to his next destination, the spa in Bishan Park followed by the pull-up bar. The presents that were presented were a wrist band and water bottle. While the girleighs headed straight to Prata House to STONE. Really la, we waited close to an hour for them. It was so super boring. I fell asleep while the other two tried to entertain themselves by fighting using their necklaces and all sort of nonsense. And laughing. Haiyo! SCBs! They finally came by, and this time round Jaspi looks much much happier. Haha, presented him with a cake from TW gotten by Tengy and we rested awhile before heading down to Macritchie to do some photos.

Macritchie was even more funny, with the cape I sew and the crown we got at BK few days ago…(If you recognise the one Evie was wearing at BK) LOL and Tengy presented Jaspi with the final present of a Crumpler Bag! Sigh! What a nice friend right? Seriously, the three of us were so damn touched la. Took photos in Macritchie.. everything ended on a good note, we all had loads of fun and laughter on the way.. Like what Evie said, if the main character wasn’t so cool about it despite being sick and having back aches, this whole thing would not be a success and I very much agree! Three cheers for Jaspi!

Poor Tengy waiting for Jaspi.

Jingie and the Red Puma Socks! Super nice right! Jaspi is a lucky ass.

While stoning at the bus-stop…

The Girleighs! Sigh, we saw things we shouldn’t have seen. TSK!

Ooh, finally they came by..

The Nike Tee! – Pressie 2!

Clue 2 which was heading to the spa in Bishan Park

Here you go! The spa!

The Adidas Waterbottle! – Pressie 3!

At the Pull Up Bar! – Checkpoint 3

With his new wristband from Nike! – Pressie 4!

In the meanwhile….

Jingie was having fun with my Ezlink..

We finally reached Prata House and stoned there…

They finally came by…

While waiting for 855, 52 and 165.

At Macritchie Reservoir…

Cx and Jingie while waiting for Jaspi to do the finishing moments!

When everything’s done.. we went phototaking!

The hunks (coughs, I really dont wanna say this but yeah… just to boost their ego abit)

Really like this photo.. somehow, I feel candid shoots show more than anything else :)

Hmm… ballerinas to be? LOL

And tell me why am I going through such a torture.. it really stinks!

And finally everyone else!

Last but not least… Sheng Ri Kuai Le! :D

Oh ya, here’s the finishing moments thingy, with the cape and the crown – Pressie 5 and 6?


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