Today was dayout with Momsie! :D Left home for her office at 1pm to help her hang some mobiles up. Sigh, I think I’m height-phobic. Just standing on the ladder, I already feel like I’m going to fall backwards. Managed to get my fave bubble tea before we left for Kimage in Funan at 3pm.

Running so so so late! Reached at only 4pm… yay. I have black/brown flowy hair now. Ok la, not really that flowy. Pretty frizzy actually. But am very happy. Can’t stand that Ah Lian looking hair I was having. Finished at 7pm and I brought Mom to the shop that Evie said has nice watches.. But har? They were mostly guy watches -_- Yeah, then off we went to Far East!

Ate dinner there with Mom. My first time out with her alone till so late! Ok la, maybe last time there was, but I seriously can’t remember. A really happy day I must say, catching up with her and eating together. :) Bought a pair of purple heels and new bag for school! Yay. Finally settled what I needed to get. And yup, I can finally stop living on my cards for now. Chuck them aside. We are good. We shopped till about 9pm before we left Orchard for home.

Sigh. I still have one more month of FF to go. Still looking for people to take over my membership. How dumb of me. Should have just took the Premium one where it was only 3 months long. Alright, tmr is accompany-mom-for-checkup day! :D Take care CX! Get well soon!

Mom and me on 54!

In Kimage!

Wonderful dinner.. So much for wanting vegetables for dinner only!


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