MOS + Sing Wang

Hmm, reached home late. But I had to wait for my parents for dinner… and by the time they came home, it was already 830pm. Gobbled down my dinner but CX was already here! Haven’t even bathed. Finished my dinner, bathed and by the time I selected my attire, it was already 930pm! Quickly make-up-ed and then help CX with hers and off we rush to an ATM and took a cab down to Clarke Quay by 1030pm.

So scary la. We almost couldn’t enter cos CX forgot her ID. But the bouncers were really nice people and they let us in. So phew on that! CX is really lucky! Met Jaspi, Evie and YG inside the retro room. Raymond and Jing Kai came by later. Clubbing was fun. (:
Evie and Jaspi were super high.Drank Green Tea Whisky, Coke Rum, Midora? and Lychee Martini. Thanks to the bottoms up, had a hangover this morning. lubbed till about well… 2am before we headed to Cine for Sing Wang HK Cafe for supper! Cabbed in a maxi cab. Damn cool. Fit us all perfectly!

Ate and chit-chatted and went home at 330am. Reached home at 4am. Thanks people for the fun night! (:

Evie, Jo and CX!

Drinks for the night!


Found this photo really candid.. :X

CX, Jaspi, Evie, YG, Jo

Evie, Jaspi, YG

YG and CX

Evie and Jo

Some of my closest pals in SoC

Looks like some advert..

Everyone else without CX!

Everyone else without YG!

The girls and YG!

Us in the toilet!

Ironic photo.. Smoke-free!

In the maxi cab!

The photographer in the front!

YG with his food..

My breakfast/supper!

Candid! (:


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