A Vivo Day

Woke up late at 12pm today! What a nice weather to sleep in.
CX smsed me at 1238pm telling me she will reach at 130pm!
How to get changed and all and reached by 130pm?
So I was late, and reached at 210pm.
Wore the wrong shoes again. AND OUCH! Blisters.

Told her to meet me at M(phosis, thought I could get a shoe or sth.
But ended up we walk into Bysi, and that’s it, $98 gone for me and $49 for her.

Got this top in black.. and another top in grey.
Ok la, not that I wasn’t expecting to spend that amount.
Got a membership too. Thanks to a nice lady customer who combined receipts with us. Yay!

Went to BK for lunch.. ate the same thing again. But so hungry, so who cares.
Went into Topshop and CX got herself a dress. So that’s $55 gone for her.

I like the top, but it was going at what $42 or sth? Siao. For something of that material, definitely not worth it.

Camwhoring in the changing room!

CX’s dress!

Went to Diva and got accessories. That’s $22 for me, and $19 for her.

Then we went to Bukit Timah for Island Creamery. But haha, we stopped by Meldavos for Brownies, and ended up we were too full for anything and so off we went home.

In Meldavos!

Miss CX!

Sizzling Brownie Sensation! YUMMY!

Anyway, I’m looking for Flyer Girls for WCG at Suntec next weekend.
The working times are as follows:
2nd August and 3rd August – 2pm to 7pm
4th August and 5th August – 11am to 9pm
Attire: T-shirt and Skirt

If interested, email me your photos and hp no to joanwwy@gmail.com. Thanks!


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