Went out with Mamasan today!
She brought me to Subway, and then for my rojak! :D
Got my EDT from Body Shop.. and joined them as a member.
Walked around the shop and discovered there are even more things I wanna get..
But heehee, cannot get in front of her la, else I will be skinned alive.

Friday friday!
So excited can, can’t wait.
Island Creamery, then Meldavos, and finally VIVOCITY. Yes again! Haha!
I haven’t used my pay yet, so why not.. :D

Hai, next few days I will be working at Raffles Place.. boring.
It’s like the same thing again. People will refuse to take pamphlets. Sian.
This time round nobody to pei wo… Cx and Lx… I need you two..
Ok la, time to read le.
Did I say High School Musical rocks big time?


2 responses to “Mamasan

  1. if you bored, call me, i shall be ur clown. hahaha. Maybe thursday, im going down. excited. hahaha.

  2. Hehe! No, not now.. You must study.. Test coming le leh… study hard kaes :) Jiayou!
    Thurs! Oh no! :( I better hide. Oops

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