Worked and Foodddd…!

Reported work late… thanks to Jaspi.
But oh well, who cares, next time I’m going like right on the dot 1215pm or sth.
Waste my time only. -_-”
Just basically doing the job of a well flyer girl. Jaspi had an more interesting job.
Look! Haha, I can’t help laughing.

Then they needed people for the afternoon shift. Immediately called Twinie down!

After a while, Jing came by, then Tengy. Saw hotpants. Hmm, what a shy person, so unlike him online!
Then something happened in btw, which makes me feel rather dots. Like huh? So? Kinda feeling. But thanks to Twinie, I got cheered up immediately with laming around and singing. Hehe.

I love my twinie! Thanks! :)

Freaking hungry. We went to Hong Kong Cafe for pre-dinner for me, and dinner for them. I still had dinner at home.

Yummy French Toast, MANGO SHOW DOWN, GOLDEN FANTASY and .. my frozen Xiao Long Bao.

Nice food. Think I’m bringing them down tonight! Hehe, just got my pay, time to treat my parents!


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