A Great Day Out with Daddy!

It was wonderful!
I brought Daddy out to Novena Hong Kong Cafe today!
He ate Dim Sum, shrimp paste and Xiao Long Bao, with Lemon Tea while I ate Cheese Baked Beef Rice and my Golden Fantasy!
Yummy. Hehe, apparently he likes the treat so much that he wanted to pay for my shopping. HAHA!

Left for Vivo at 2plus. Had a hard time driving cos I cannot stretch my left leg. Sigh. Leg cramp.
Hit River Island first, followed by Puma, then Pull and Bear, then F21, then Topshop, then Zara, then Aldo, then Guess and finally Mango. WHEE!
But only bought things at Pull and Bear. Woohoo! Thanks Dad!
Think from all the shops above, I only like River Island, Puma, Pull and Bear and Zara.

Left for Courts Toa Payoh at around 4pm.
Got a cabinet for Mom there, and well.. stoned around until Evie smsed me to ask if I wanted to run!
Siao la, he’s still sick and he wanna run, and my leg like that how to run! So I asked if he needed company, I can pei him since I wanted to go get the High School Musical CD and make specs and return and borrow books.
He said ok, since he had books to return as well.
Ended up that guy was late la, so I was stoning at the library again.
Had to find a place to park the bicycle so… went around walking before heading to find my specs.
Optique Zone, then Specs Hut, then Straits Optical. I’m seriously indecisive la. So many pairs staring at me and I cannot decide.
It was between Rimless and with frames. But I finally got it at one of the shops. Thanks Evie for being so patient! :)

After which we hit the 2nd storey of J8 for Food Festival!
Yummy Dragon Beard Candy xD
Too bad he was still sick, else I can actually eat more.

Went to meet my parents for dinner after that at S11.
After dinner, sent Mom home and Dad and me went shopping again! LOL
We wanted to use the voucher, but couldn’t decide what to use it on.
I went Royal Sporting House first, cos I wanted to get a pair of sneakers actually.
But yucks, the sneakers design were BAD BAD BAD.
Puma was having sales in Royal Sporting House too, but no sizes for me :(
Then we went to BHG and I saw a pouch, then I asked Dad if he would use it too.
And he said why not… so… YAY!
I got a crumpler bag! But it was actually ‘free’ since I used the voucher.
Sad la, I thought I could use the voucher on sth I like…

ANYWAY… Take care everyone, seems to me a flu/sorethroat bug is going around.


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