Left house in a rush today! Oh man. Woke up late.
Ended up reaching at 115pm at Clementi! Sorry CX and Raymond!
Raymond was so nice, he came down and help us carry things.
Bought a total of $40+ worth of items. Goodness.
Anyway, Shishi came by a while later, followed by YG and Jaspi.

We headed to CX’s house for Fondue! Yummy, but it wasn’t long before we all got damn full. TSK!
Chocolate’s filling! And Jing said she won’t be joining us cos of her checkup. Sad!
Jackie came by while we were playing cards and we had our 2nd round then.
Stoned a while more, until Tengy came by and off we went for our 3rd round.

Took loads of photos, guess nothing much to say ba, let the photos do the talking.
Starting work tmr, so not looking forward, my leg’s still hurting a bit after a period of numbness this morning. Sigh.
I promise photos. Haha, of the Ad Tag Mascot. LOL
Ooh, clubbing next Sat at MOS/St James chalet people! xD Come kaes!

Raymond the nice guy! Actually, when everyone came by, Jaspi took the most with Raymond. LOL so nice gentlemen!

CX’s lame dog who kept on humping Jaspi and Jackie.

The fountain!

The early birdies! (Me taking photo)

Shishi, Evie and YG!

Jackie and Me!

Evie and me laming around!

Twiny CX and me!

CX, me, Jaspi and Tengy

The girlies!

Everyone else, except Jackie and YG who left early!


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