Chalet @ NSRCC

Where have I disappeared to? For a heaven. Ok la, shant be so lame anymore. Left home for Jing’s house on Sun at 615pm. And went out for Harry Potter with her and Evie. Rocks! I love the new movie. :D The effects and all. Anyway, then we met Jaspi and headed down to Balcony for some drinks. Stoned around till 12am and then went back to Thomson to eat Roti Prata.

Went back to Jing’s house at around 1am and woke up next morning for breakfast with the other two before Jing leaves for Cisco House to do her photos for MOE. Then went up to Jaspi’s house to stone even more. Played Nintendo and Tom and Jerry. Came 1pm and off we left for Tanah Merah to meet Raymond and Yanguang. Then left for Chalet at 230pm. Yup, checked in and all, discussed and then decided to go ECP to rent bikes since the ones in the Chalet can’t be rented overnight. Haiya, then something really bad happened to me. SUAY until cannot suay. I fell off my bike on the way back. Horrible huge scar. Looks like a patch of big mole. Yucks. Sian, can’t wait to get it off. Like pluck that whole thing off. Well, no idea how I made it back, but I did. The alcohol swap was so bad! But anyway, thanks Jaspi, for dressing the wound and Jingie for pouring water on it and taking care of me, thanks Evie, Raymond, Yanguang for the jokes to get my mind off the pain on the way back.

As Evie was sick and I was injured, we did not join them in night cycling to runway. However, I really really die die wanted to go to the runway. So ended up, Evie and me decided to walk slowly out. While walking/limping, some kind souls saw me, stopped, reversed and asked if we needed a lift out! They fetched us out to the main road, save my time walking. It was my first time on a container truck and seriously, I was really touched because just moments ago, I told Evie no one will stop for me because Singaporeans won’t really give a damn. I guessed I was proven real wrong. Anyway, Dave and Peide took our bikes :)

2nd day, they left in the morning without Jing and me as Jing was injured too since she hit some well rubbish bin or truck when she was cycling out. I ended up sleeping for another 3 hours while waiting for them to come back. Shirley arrived :) Stoned around for a while before heading out to bowl. After bowling, they went swimming while I stoned at the pool with Jing. For a moment, I was so envious. I really want to swim. :( Then the surprise was supposed to come at this moment, but Tengyi was like late.. so aiyo, how stressful, we had to sneak Jaspi into the steamroom so that we can prepare. For a moment, Jaspi almost saw Tengyi, but TY was fast to react and jumped back to the old spot he was previously at. Yeah, then Jackie and CX came too, and then we all went up to the girls room to plan. Coolness.

Then when Jaspi, Evie and Yanguang came by, Jackie played the guitar and we all went down. Was really fun la, Jaspi was shocked. Yupyup, celebrated, BBQ-ed and Murni, KC, Ade and Suelynn came by at this time. After BBQ, we stoned for awhile more before going out for another game of bowling. It was a fast game. Or rather two fast games. We met really funny and excited people in the place too, cheering for like nobody’s business. -_-”

We went back and then Ade, Murni, myself, Tengyi, Shirley and Jaspi wanted to go to the runway again. Damn nice. This time round, I really saw planes took off, even though they were just SIA planes. We wanted to head to Changi Village, but there was a roadblock and Murni didn’t bring her driving licence while there were 4 people in the backseat. So yup we made a sharp 3 point turn back and then headed to Simpang Bedok for food. Yummy! Love the Vanilla Milkshake and Roti John, thanks for the treat Tengyi! Watched High School Musical, damn nice. Made our way back to Chalet, stoned, bathed and went to the guys room to chit chat.

That’s all I guess for the Chalet. We went out for lunch at Beach Road before heading home. Love the Cha Kway Teow and Belgian Chocolate Fondue! I just got another job with Jaspi. Sigh, another flyer girl job. But I like Jaspi’s role though, mascot, but damn cool cos can do lame things. Haiya. How I wish I’m a guy sometimes. Can’t wait for Fondue tmr at CX’s house!

The Heaven as described by Evie

Us at Balcony!

Me before the fall :)

Doing some phototaking at night!

Can you see the fresh red injury?

Jingie and Me

Some of us

Shishi and Me

At the pool looking envious

The surprises

CX with the cake!

Mr Birthday Boy

CX and me

Shishi and me on the way to Beach Road

Heading for great food

Belgian Chocolate Fondue with the yummy Spenduloos and Chocolate! YUMMY!

Still waiting for photos from Jing (Balcony) and Tengyi (Night out at Bedok).


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