Last Day!

Yay, reported to work feeling really tired today. Didn’t help that the attire was so bloody hot :( Hanged around the area by myself, gave out about 1500 pamphlets today, almost died. Oh well. LX was doing the makeup demo so I was so super bored, lucky Grace was around. I saw Lide, aka Gerald at Banquet too. Went for Subway for lunch, LX forgot her wallet, blur blur her. Got my M(phosis top! Yay, should be wearing for tmr’s audition. So super excited now!

Yeah, came back after lunch and LX and me took over 1000 pamphlets and headed over to City Hall! Gave out everything by 5pm and we went to Peninsula Plaza to find the skinnies featured in Cleo, but, oh well, dumb dumb us, the shop was in B1 (I knew only after checking the mag when I reached home.) Yeah but anyway, then we headed to Raffles Place and I got my eyeliner from Mac. Headed up to River Island AND THEY WERE HAVING A SALE! Guess who we saw… MY IDOL! Jade Seah! :D Super chio and tall! All my idols are from LX’s year, and from TKGS somemore. Felicia Chin and Jade Seah! XD

Yup, finished shopping at 6pm and we walked as fast as we could back to Raffles Place! Hehe, stoned around more, took more photos and yay. Job’s over. Felt happy, yet sad at the moment, cos they are a bunch of really nice girls! Went gyming with LX after that. Ran at 10km/hr today. No idea why, had the stamina and energy to do so, went sauna-ing and steam-ing. Damn shiok la! But when I was going home with LX and was about to alight at YCK, I suddenly felt really sad. No idea why, but I do feel very much attached to LX even though it has only been 5 days. :) Really hope we can meet up more often!

Still waiting for photos from the photographers and Eunice, here’s what I have for now..

Lx and Me! :)

The other promoters, NTU and NUS biz students-to-be and LX and Me :]

Everyone else, that’s the actual outfit actually. Hehe! I played cheat!

Ah, can’t wait for tmr! Then my life’s going to be back to normal… Miss my slacking life. Too busy for nuts. Excited about next week too… when Chalet starts. Then work again then fondue! Ladeedum! 5th August, 11am.


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