Comfort Foood!!

No photos today, I felt so bloody tired to even smile…
But I had loads of fun today with the girls. :)

Anyway, let’s start. I came really late in the morning, cos raining and all… Went to get my Yam Paste, and Subway cookie before reporting for work. Ah, a relaxing attire, so a perfect day for me, albeit the gloomy weather. Went to give out pamphlets as usual with Lixuan at the MRT Station before reporting at 12pm to host the golf challenge! Coolness. xD Time passed real fast and it was time for lunch again. Ate subway, my comfort food. Nothing cheers me up more than a nice meal. I got over myself and went for Yami Yoghurt, another fave food of mine! Then went shopping and got myself this polka dotted pouch. Super duper nice.

Reported for work at 4pm. Got dedicated the job of giving out pamphlets at City Hall with LX. We went shopping before giving it out at 510pm. Was shopping for outfit for this Sat, since the ones I described to LX weren’t very formal after all. Found one at M(phosis but waiting for tmr to make the final decision. Thanks so much LX! Then starting giving out 500 pamphlets at 510pm and we finished everything at 530pm! So damn proud of ourselves, went to Watsons at Funan and I saw Sujeeta! :D:D Miss her so much, but everyone’s like so busy to catch up! Got myself a duck, for that Singapore Duck Race thingy.

Went back at 6pm, the girls were all going mad, Madeleine bought Mango Mousse and all of us shared. Was really heartwarming, cos all the while, I feel that models are pretty much full of themselves, but these bunch of girls really proved me wrong. I love working with them, no bitchiness, nothing. =) Looks like in October, I might have another job from Desmond. Let’s see how things go. Crapped till about 630pm and had a super long debrief about attire tmr. HENG AH, tmr I’m not in charge of makeup demostration. But LX kena the job! I will be in bath robe and slippers tmr, gonna be a nice sight! But I’m happy partly because, the job’s ending soon too. $$ I want my $$!

I got a shock just now when I look at my account balance. Oh and my weight too. :S Hai, Melvados warm brownie is like super nice la… ok no more comfort food from now on. I shall eat fruits for lunch tmr. ZZZ. Got my contacts le. What else? Going gyming with LX tmr. Hehe, looks like I really made a good pal who I will keep in touch with. Broke le. I want my salary soon!

 AND ONE MORE THING, why would Natural Black dye turn out to be Orangish Red, I wanted my hair to go darker, not lighter!!!!


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