So much things to say… :) I got to know some of the girls better today!
And for once, someone guessed my secondary school correctly, yes, I know I look like I was from a girls school, but still.. I always get Nanyang Girls, TKGS… once I got River Valley…

Photos just came in last night, but not CX’s ones.. so yup, updated the previous post. Heh, nothing much, just that time passed really quickly today, so I was happy. :D CX came by for lunch and dragged me to Pizza Hut… But when I reached, I saw Cheese Fondue and was thinking, not again! Audition this Sat leh… :( Then dragged her to eat Jap food with me, but then we left again after seeing that it costs almost the same as Pizza Hut… LOL! Oops, indecisive people we are.

I wanted to eat kids meal at first, but I was a little too overaged…

Got to know CX better after today. :) Thanks for coming down again! Today was a really star-studded event. I saw Peggy Chang, she’s hot hot hot, much hotter than Joanne Peh larhs. Then Jamie Yeo, Hossan Leong! DP wasn’t really considered a star.. yet.

Talked to Grace and Magdalene, got to know them much better, and had a long talk with Lixuan too :) Being a music teacher is really tough man. Really admire her talent, and courage.

Grace, the NY girl who doesnt look like one, and the one who guessed my school correctly. :)

Myself, Lixuan, Magdalene the NUS FASS Year 1, Grace the SMU Biz grad!

Myself, Lixuan, Magdalene, Ashley who took over Camy who was sick today, Jeslin and Grace!

Hot hot Drusilla, the Sony model, myself and Jane, who looks totally like an airstewardess!

All of us! LtoR: Jane, Drusilla, Myself, Lixuan, Grace, Magdalene, Gwenda, Peggy (not Chang), Jeslin, Ashley!

And who else came by to go home with me but my dear bestie! (:
MOS-ed and yes, I had my first burger from MOS on Tuesday… What a nice time to catch up :)


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