Ok la, wasn’t as bad as I thought, maybe cos I edited the way the costume should be worn ba LOL! Took the scarf off, put what was supposed to be the “bra” as the hipster. Hehe, thanks to artyfaty LX! But people still came forward and said BELLY DANCER? So guess the image’s still there. :) Today’s fun fun fun albeit tiring.

The front part was just plain giving flyers. Boring, but nice talking to LX again. Then was lunch but CX was not here yet… zzz! She was late by 24mins. Ate 2 bowls at Dessert Hut. Waiting for photos from CX!

Yummy, it’s Soup Spoon for tmr! Am really glad to have a colleague/friend like LX, she makes work more fun and enjoyable. Xie Xie Ni! Still waiting for photos from a friend, so yup.. here’s what’s on my camera currently. Funny thing is, Shenton Way people are more friendly today. I gave out loads of flyers. :) Let’s just take it that my costume provided some entertainment for some too.

I found a friend who loves taking photos as much as I do.. :D The photo in the middle was taken especially for CX cos I was laughing so badly when she told me she lost her way in SMU. :X

LX and Me!



In the process of phototaking!

CX and Me! Thanks for coming down dear!

Before I forget, I actually saw this ad at HSBC. Vio, doesn’t it look like Mel? Lol :) I think should be her leh..

And took a photo of my fave place though I have never stepped in before.. Fullerton :D

Last but not least, before I forget, my mom bought my favourite Cheese Cake from Breadtalk as a replacement when she didn’t cook my favourite porridge.. despite an audition this coming Sat… cheese is certainly not something I wanna try eating now… but still, I am very touched by the gesture. Thanks Mom! Love ya!


2 responses to “Belly-DANCED!

  1. hey… look like mel meh? hmm… i am not too sure leh.. i think she looks like the joanna from best model… freaking tall one… yeah.. now i in china now! doing work.. haa…. must go on msn and chat with me k…

  2. looks like la! Joanna? Cannot be la, that’s even further! hahaha.. :) Sure, you can always pop by to chat with me too! I’m not sure when you are free cos your status always busy!

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