Tired, and tired. Reported at work at 10am today. So freaking early. Stoned as usual till 1020am. Got my attire, HENG, it was Tee and Pants Day for me and Lixuan. Lucky us. :D Promoted till about 2pm, so hungry can, and Shenton Way people didn’t look at all friendly which makes it tougher. :S Pulled about 15 people in. Ok la, I hit their quota so I was happy. Got harrassed by AIA recruiters. But that was fine. The most irritating thing was that I had to tahan the stupid Rihanna Song that was playing on SPHMBO just above me. Umbrella umbrella and it was on repeated mode! :S

Anyway, this morning, I thought I saw Jaspi’s friend. But yeah, I forgot all about it, until I saw him at the PA booth again at 4pm. Then I was quite sure it was him cos he looks so familiar. Oh well, how coincidental. It was also at that time, I got my attire for tmr. WTH, Belly Dancer. :S Must be suay until ji dian! Only wearing a tube tmr leh. WTH. Feel so naked. Lucky for me, Lixuan got that too. So phew. Anyway, I think I made a new friend, she’s really nice, we clique really well, there’s so much to talk about, there wasn’t even silence at all. :D So zai, she’s got a diploma in Violin la. Kowtow!

Oh ya, I got good news too, I made it for the Brands Variety Show, so guess you will be catching me on TV. :) I hope recording’s fun! <a href=”That’s all for now, still waiting for photos from my friend. Met Jingie to go back together, subway-ed again. Yay, I will be seeing CX tmr!

Lixuan and Me! :)

Some photog friends came by :) Jimmy!

Lixuan and me :) Promoting/Slacking! LOL

One of the French Maids, Grace and me! Heng I didn’t get that! :X


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