Just a Random Post

Hmm, since the photos haven’t been uploaded, well, its Jing, what do you expect? I guess I have to wait a while longer before I can blog about Saturday..

ANYWAY, it was catching up time with Daddy today. ((: Been so long since I spent Sundays with him. I love my dad. Somehow, he understands me, and I understand him too. So it makes everything easy to talk to, but still, somethings, I cannot say la… :X As usual, me being me, I like talking about serious things with him, maybe because I trust his opinions alot. Told him about CCAs, NOC, my major, career prospects and very much so, he supported me. WHY ONLY NOW, I WANNA TAKE A 3 YEAR LA! I guess I’m going ahead with that career path once I graduate, so let’s just hope I get in. :D Frankly, I never thought about doing that until CX started talking about it few days ago, but well, you never know until you try, so I will just give every single thing a try before I get old and regret not trying.

Attire for today, that’s the electric blue top I got with CX that day! :) Haha, too many black shorts le, I think 4 pairs? :S

ANYWAY, we headed down to Marina Square at 2pm today, I had a splitting headache this morning, was so bad can, thats why went out so late. Walked around and got a new pair of flip flops at Roxy! Courtesy of Daddy. So lovely, its red with heart prints! LOL, now I can fight with Evie’s red pair of flip flops. BOO! Guess what! I went to MOF and ate my Kurian again. Stoned around, walked around, nothing much to see leh, maybe I’m getting sick of shopping. (That’s good actually.)

Pretty right?

Dad in MOF!

I’m starting work tomorrow, just got news I won’t need to wear the French Maid attire after all. HAHA, lets just say, I’m VERY GLAD. I don’t mind looking like a promoter. I THINK I WOULD BE MORE THAN EVER HAPPY SORRY! :D

I’m really very random today. Last night had a nice talk with the rangers, really got to know everyone better, especially CX. She certainly doesn’t look like one with parents like mine, but… oh well, don’t judge a book by its cover. Serious talks. Got to hear everyone’s POV, I like. But halfway through, something happened, hope Jing’s feeling better. Don’t worry, we have a whole Monday morning to talk to each other.. Gosh, my first stayover, freaking excited can! :D Yesyes, I’m 20 le, and this is my first stayover.. :S Whatever it is, I’m glad you thought it through already. Ending the post with a group photo…

The girly rangers! Love you girlies! MUAKS!


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