Freaking Full!

Ladidum. Woke up late today. 1045am? Ended up rushing to Chinatown, and yeah, CX was early, hahaha I wonder why? Someone very excited ah? Hahaha!

My attire for the day.. Oops rather casual la. That’s my style.

Reached there but we weren’t allowed in, the client was there I guessed. So we went out got some drinks and sat down at the stairs while waiting for Jaspi.

He was finally done around 1pm? Stoned around, caught up with YK and then left for lunch, we were walking rather aimlessly so I decided to bring them to the place where my parents usually eat on weekends. And apparently, they find it quite nice! :D So I’m pleased. But we weren’t rather satisfied. So I suggested MOF and wah, I like my friends man, coolio people they are, everyone agreed to go down almost immediately.



Aberwawa (not sure of the name)

I’m sure the photos did enough talking. Stoned around, walked abit, so full that I didn’t want to eat dinner. CX took 56 with us, Jaspi slept on the journey back while I blasted music into my ears. I was rather tired too, but still had an audition/briefing to attend so yeah. Paiseh, not much photos cos I forgot to load my memory card into my camera.. -_-

Reached home at 5pm, just an hour to change, find an appropriate attire, makeup, get ready and go. Lucky the location was rather near, so heng on that. Yup, and so now the job’s confirmed, and I will be working whole of next week from 1030am to 630pm. I like the boss, so I guess this job would be another smooth-sailing one. Yay. I will be at Raffles Place, Chelvron House, not sure how to spell so yup. I will be rather lonely, so please come jio me for lunch if you can… 230 to 330pm or 330pm to 430pm. :S What a funny time to eat lunch. But anyway, I like the attires, if I don’t get the French Maid one that is… The models are nice too. 4 from NUS, so that’s alright, but I think I should be sticking around with Lixuan and Jane more, they seem to be more my style of people. :D

Alright, ending here on a nice note. Tmr’s going to be shopping day. Can’t wait! :D


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