Emerga 2007 Part 2

Just got the photos from Evie.
You can view them here!
Anyway, I was very much a floater too, always floating around Group 3 and 4 even though I’m from Group 3. Cos Group 4 is very much smaller in numbers and needed people to join them for beach games, but doesn’t matter cos Group 3 and 4 are very much bonded as Group 7! :D

First Day in LT19

Back in Chalet imitating Jap Girls – Gen Gen, Jo Jo, Shi Shi and Pei Pei, very much my clique in the camp :)

Dave suggested going every group to take photo, but we were too cowardy. We stopped at Group 3. :X

During Beach Games when I was floating around :D

Finale Night!

The whole Emerga for you!


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