Excruciating pain!

Anyway, was awakened at 10am by some stupid fax machine. As usual, the same number that has been calling many years already. :S
Started preparing and headed down to FF. What a rewarding session.
I did 2.4km at my most comfy pace.. Didn’t feel tired at all, in fact I could go on another km or so, but was rushing for time, so just got off, did some cycling, floating, weights training, sauna, steaming and off I went to Raffles Place to meet CX.

Ate my Mushie soup in a rush too, cos I’m scared that CX might not know where to find me… And it didn’t really help that I was in long sleeved… Absolutely SAUNA style as usual. Brought CX for her mushie soup and then Jaspi came at 230pm. See I knew he will be late.. TSK!

Jingie, are you craving for it now? :X

Yeah, and off we went hunting for a mystery location for the interview, but felt so cheated. It was so obvious it was a modelling job, asking questions like this, and telling us we weren’t confirmed. Please lo, which job would require you to makeup la.. -___-” $10/hr.. pathetic.
Then I received YK’s sms to tell me Jaspi is selected! Great! :D Free show tmr.. So off we went to bring Jaspi down to see the studio, else he probably would lose his way tmr.. Then brought them to eat the Dessert Hut’s famous Mango Sago! YUMMY. Miss that taste for a long time, I ate 2 bowls, almost wanted to get a 3rd one, but I think Jaspi was rushing for time for his IPPT so yup, we left lo…

Then CX and me headed down to BUGIS! Tell you ah, it was a stupid idea to wear heels that I haven’t worn in ages. GOSH… blisters, its like throwing salt on raw skin.. OUCH. Walked around trying to find flip flops to save my life.. But aiya, none. BUT BUT… I got something to say.. I bought something, I never thought I would ever buy in my life……


I bought a BIKINI! Oops. I think Jing’s going to tease me about it soon….. *PUTS IN EAR PLUGS* Damn expensive.. $74.. But I felt in love with that set the moment I stepped in, no matter how many other sets I tried, nothing could please me.

Anyway, BUGIS VILLAGE was a torture…here’s what I bought…
Electric Blue Cardigan – $20
Electric Blue Top – $25
Green Top – $24
Bikini – $74
GMASK – $18.90
Rhinestones – $3
OMG a damage of $165.. :S I’m glad I’m working next week…

I think Saturday, its window shopping for me! CX got the Electric Blue Cardigan as well… I took the top in green as seen below and she took the one in yellow… seriously, the both of us have the same dress sense la… :P Like shopping with her… :D Thanks for helping me pay… So much for not wanting to bring my card out! I ended up spending more leh. GOSH.

My twin for the day! :D Thanks for the company! Appreciate it loads!

I got a call that F21 Parcel is here.. DEBS its here! So I will pass your items to Jingie on Sat kaes? :D Yay, more clothes for the new term, till then.. no more shopping… I mean it! (NOT) Lol. Left CX at 630pm, she wanted to shop more, but Dad was at home, lonely and without dinner.. so I took 56 home, what a long journey, but I love long journeys :D especially if I’m on the second deck. Despite that pain, I walked to the place to get Dad his dinner and walked home, or rather limp home… halfway, my heels got caught in a hole, and the moment I pulled it out, so did the skins of my blisters… OUCH! :'( Reached home and ran into the bathroom and started soaking my feet in water… So so, do you feel painful for me? :X


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