Subway + Library = Love

Whee. Left house at 1.45pm after talking to Rich. Hehe. It was a one-man show today. Which is kinda good, needed sometime alone to stone, to think about things.Haha, sometimes I think too much! But heck la, need to keep myself in check sometimes.

Went to Subway… or rather, found my way there. Yummy. Ate before my phone started ringing.. Chixian said there was an interview this afternoon, I am ok with rushing home cos anyway, its nearby mah, still can go back change and be on time. But then Mr Lao Da cannot make it.. ZZZ. So yeah lo, 3pm tmr. Looks like its a SCV job.

And they said, if you get one job, you end up getting many. Yeah, so I got another job next week, modelling job. Sigh, but the attires are a little odd la. What French Maid (WTH), Thai, Korean Costumes, BELLY DANCER!?, Gym, Golf, BATH ROBE! WTH! Ok no comments la, the pay is alright so I’m fine. Hmm, but weirdly, there’s an audition/briefing/fitting on Friday… so not sure if the job’s confirmed as well. Just hope SCV will allow me to delay a week. :( I need $$.

Yeah lo, anyway, then after Subway, I went to the library. Got some books. Funny ones, and baking ones! :) So nice to look at baking books. Yeah, that’s when I started having diarrhoea. IRONY! Gosh. Terrible, so I can so understand how CX and Jingie are/were feeling. Yup then headed to the VCD rental shop and got my 200 Pounds Beauty. OMG. Totally love the show. So touching. And I fell in love with a song. Haha, long time since I fell in love with one. OOPS! Tmr’s going to be FF day, then SOUPY DAY, then interview, then Bugis shopping with CX. ATB Jaspi for your IPPT run..

The more I look at the actress, the more I think she looks like Dawn Yang. Twins! Haha.. but anyway, if you have the MP3 version, please please, let me know yeah. So far, I only got the WMA which means I cannot set it as my ringtone.

Oh well, chalet’s coming up soon. I’m going to become busy soon! BUSY BUSY JO! Then OGL/AGL for FOW! Wooo.. I’m beginning to love my life more. Better than stoning at home and become a statue. Dave asked me to go Zouk just now, crazy la, I’m not a party animal, I think I go clubbing like once a year? Oops. HEHE


6 responses to “Subway + Library = Love

  1. you can convert wma to mp3 using iTunes, just drag the file to play in iTunes and it’ll convert to whichever default file type you choose.

  2. hey babe.. let me try again in popping a hi!

  3. Wah! I didn’t know you read my blog leh ks… scary! Ok thanks a million! Now I know how to convert le.. teehee.. :X

  4. HELLO NING! You havent told me when you will be free? :D

  5. you’re welcome…juz came by it quite recently actually. and u sure do blog a lot. ^^;

  6. :) yeah… holidays mah.. i think when sch starts… not sure if i have the energy to blog!

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