Chomp Chomp

This is super duper backdated.
Thanks to Jing’s slow uploading skills.
Ok, so I was the earliest. AGAIN!
Got donuts for them, Jaspi came at 616pm, then Chixian at 634pm, and Evie at 648pm.
DOTS. And what time were we supposed to meet? 6pm.

Thanks ah ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, anyway Jing went there straight.
Alright photos photos to do the talking.

Ordered about $40+ worth of stuff? I’m not sure of the exact figures. But these are part of the food.
Plus loads of drinks cos it was so spicy. :(

We had loads of chopsticks so I started playing with them..

The girls’ Xie Zhen Ji with food.

Went off around 8plus, withdrew cash and got my Mr Bean plushie. Off we went home. :)
Tired and tanned. Sigh. I look damn black!


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