Emerga Outing!

Woke up at 11 and left for Mediacorp at 1130am.
The Brands Audition thing was so freaking lame, I was supposed to memorise shapes and colours within seconds and the Cheng Yus as well.
Oh well, think I kinda screwed the first one up.
Just hope I get through. If I do, the recording is on 27th July. Friday!
Good luck to me.

Then went for TVC Casting for some beach ad. Can’t reveal too much now. :)
Hope I get it too.

Then Dad fetched me to MRT and off I rushed to PS. But think I was one of the earliest one. Met Zhigen on the way.
When I reached, Murni, KC and Ade asked me something wierd… which kinda scared me. I was wondering why would they asked me… dots la.
Anyway, Evie the black ranger came first…

After which we headed up to Kopitiam to eat and passed Jaspi his identity!
But apparently the watch doesn’t click well, so I’m going to change tmr.

Yay and finally 3 of the rangers met up today!

I can’t wait to see Orange, Blue, Red and Pink soon. :)

Anyway, ate and off we went to PartyWorld at Orchard!
COOLNESS! I love singingg and hearing people sing!

Murni, Evie and Me!

Evie and Me :)

Evie, Peide and Me

Me, Jaspi and Evie!

Me, Dave, Evie and Chua

I found one of my tong lies. :D

Zhigen, Peide, Jaspi and Me

Me, Evie, Murni and Ade!

Me, Evie and Ade!

And the ultimate face of the day!


Left after drinking some Soya Bean, no dinner for me, not hungry anyway…
Reached home and thanks ah, my parents not home yet. -_-“


2 responses to “Emerga Outing!

  1. someone’s been really happening!! i’m just too lazy to go out to be greeted with chinese and bad service.. :)

  2. :D:D Lol what bad service! And ok what Chinese.. when are you finally free ah! I’m super free from now on!!

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