Finally have the time to update proper.
We were supposed to meet at 1pm. And as usual, I was the earliest with Jingie and the rest were late.
We met for lunch at Kopitiam while waiting for Jackson to arrive.
Then off we went to Sentosa.
It was drizzling at first but the skies cleared for us by the time we reached.
I guess there’s nothing much to say at Sentosa, so shall let the pictures do the talking.

Us on the Monorail

The Girleighs in the water! And some wierd ass in the background

Thought this was rather good. :) Jackson in the air

But seriously, I don’t know what happened to this one.

This was nice too! Evie..

Group photo in the sea

Group photo on land

Jingie and Me!

Check out Jaspi’s constipated face

Almost fell asleep..

Lets prepare to throw sand!

Our very own Cleo’s 50 Eligible Bachelors-To-Be!

Fun is when everyone is happy..

And when… everyone dont care about how funny they look…

Finally, went to Kopitiam to eat again in the evening.
And off we went. Camp the next day. Damn shagged.
View the whole set here!


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