Still waiting for photos from Jingie for Chomp Chomp so shall blog about that another time.
Anyway, was supposed to be FF-ing with Jingie today.
So I was alone and lonely. Then I saw Evie came online… HIAK.
Evie understood that I was bored at home and said alright, lets go shopping! Didn’t even need me to be direct.
I absolutely hate it when I ask some people SO DIRECTLY and get no reply. If you don’t want to watch the movie, then just say no la. Is it that HARD to answer? -_-” No need to change topic and asked about something else what.
And yup so it was SUBWAY again as usual.. and actually for some shopping too. Supposed to be for 2 hours since I needed to be home by 3. But ended up, we chatted till 3pm and so I told my parents I was at the library and went shopping till 5 before Jingie came along to join us. Ate some dessert before heading home at 6.

I went mad. Think its really nice shopping with Evie cos he has real good fashion sense. Or at least, I think so.
This is the first time I actually did some decent shopping in J8. Not bad. :D
I think Evie went mad too. But lucky the other two shirts didn’t suit him and so fortunately for him, he didn’t get it.
Luckily one of the shirts I wanted had stains too. Else.. think I’d be more broke than ever. LOL
Yeah, ended up getting some puma shirt that I will probably wear for the next few weeks till I turn fairer.
Some boardshort from 37 degrees.
I finally replaced my clover that went missing. Yay. Hope it brings me luck.
AND SOME LAME POWER RANGER THING for everyone else too! :D
Hope you people like it man.
I got the yellow one. Jing the red and Evie the black. I think I will be switching with Evan and Jing more often than not. LOL
Yellow has become my favourite colour these days. Else.. I think you’d probably not see me.
Will be going to Malaysia next week with Peide and Evie. Anyone else wanna come along?
Tsk. Auditions at Mediacorp tomorrow. Sian. After which, outing with the SoC people. Nothing much to look forward to.

Photos photos!

Pressies for the 7 rangers!

3 rangers met up…


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