Emerga 2007 in the Simple Form

Many things happened the moment I stepped home.

“You came home by yourself? BY BUS?!” – Mom
“What happened? You look thin.” – Dad
“You look very black.” – Mom
“I look thin cos I’m black. And yes I came home by bus.” – Me
“Good. You should go for such camps more often.” – Mom

And when I stood on the weighing scale, I got off immediately.
OH WELL. More Fitness First this week! :*(
But aiya, I have loads of bruises on me now. The stupid bag kept hitting my knees and everywhere else too.
Almost fell off the bus just now. Unbalanced on one side. Too heavy le.
I offered to carry two Longan cans home when my dad didn’t come fetch me. SIGH! :(

Logged into my Outlook. And guess what. 166 emails. I’m so not surprised.
Sian diao. Finished clearing all my mails at 9?
Still feel damn shagged to unpack. Just wanted to sit there and do nothing.
Took the pimple squeezer and started squeezing out all the oil. YUCK. Uber gross.
Never seen so much oil for so long. That’s camps for ya. Shall do some masking.

But anyway, I’m glad to have gone to this camp, knew more friends.
What nonsense game we came out but Hong Cai Mei Mei in another form. Haha, what Shi Shi, Geng Geng, Pei Pei and Jo Jo.
If I’m going for FOW, so gonna start playing this game for icebreakers. :D
Peide said he might try to see if he can get the FOW comm to put me, Shirley, him and Gerald together.
If its successful, I don’t mind going. Else think I would be bored to death sia, might not even consider going.
Really glad to be in Yaxha, else I probably won’t get to know people like Suqin, Zhigen, Peide, Dave, Liyong, Renzhi, Shirley better. :D Thanks people! You really made this camp one of my most enjoyable one.
Imagine, just one “Lets go jump into the pool.” And everyone’s down. Coolness.
But one person who surprised me the most was Dave. I thought he was a really ah beng kinda guy.
Didn’t expect to clique really well with him. A really eloquent person. Super gentleman. Thanks to him, else I think you people would probably not recognise me now. He lent me his cap and got himself real sunburnt instead. OOPS.
HAHA! And Suqin has the same phone as me but in blue. So funny larhs. When my phone fell on the road, she said she could so feel the pain in my heart. She’s a really nice girl to start with. Really happy that she won Best Female OGL! Congrats to you too Peide! Group 7 rocks! (3 + 4 = 7)

FINALLY. No more horrible food. No more sleeping on the edge and worrying about falling off in the middle of the night.
Haiya, but I’m sad cos I dropped my beloved phone. Scratches and holes again. :*(
But after this camp, I have started to appreciate my mattress more.
And… I’m so going to start avoid standing next to Jing from today onwards. Maybe I should stand with Jaspi more often.
AIYO! I have become more animated than ever after this camp. Thanks to the OGLs and AGLs of Yaxha and Sioux.

Whatever it is, just wanted to shoutout to them: Thanks! :D


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  1. i left my mark here :p

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