Great Day!

Supposed to go for ID Management’s Audition today, while bathing, I decided against it. Met Jingie at her house area cos I wanted Bubble Tea. OOPS. Then headed down to Novena Square, but what a disappointment, there was nothing. Aiya, stupid, went down to Orchard instead.Decided to stop by Wisma Flash and Splash. Got my shorts. Yay. There was sales. So yay. Pretty clothes for camp! LOL

Yup, then off we went to Party World to check out the price. Freaking cheap today! Only $13.50? WOO! So we went Subway to grab a bite before heading back to Party World! Started singing at 245pm. Sang till 545pm. Loads of lame things happen along the way. But that, would be kept between Jing and me. Haha, dont you dare send that movie out ah! SO PAISEH. I toppled the drink too. LOL. Sang all 5566 songs, loads of lamo songs, and loads of OLDIES.

At 530pm, my little girl got her call from her Mom! :D She got into NIE! And yes she’s going to teach first. BUT CHINESE? Dont worry, you can do it better than me! LOL GOOD LUCK DEAR! :) So damn cool. I’m going to have a teacher friend!
Yeah, we hurried to FF, I did a 1.6km run, damn shagged, running at 9.0km/hr. Not funny! Jing ran 2.0km. Damn zai, I am starting to lose the stamina :(

Immediately rushed home after that. Late le. Supposed to reach home by 730 but not funny. I reached home at 745. I had a nice greeting from a fellow bestie, a lizzie. I took a photo. Super fat and gross. Sorry but I’m so darn grossed out by the fact he’s hanging up there. Yeah, but somehow he understood and went to hide in the pipes.

5566 songs! YAY

Bored while Jing sings..

Her… :D

The super unwelcome guest.


2 responses to “Great Day!

  1. its so nice to have someone feeling proud of you & feeling truly happy for you ((:
    thankyou bestie!
    and omg. whats with my fat arms ): haha. ok ur cam is LOUSY. hahahhaha.

  2. hehe! AWW! *touched*
    cant wait to play at sentosa tmr leh!
    And.. that’s not a cam! That’s just a hp! I’m still waiting for the better photos LOL

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