Had my favourite teochew porridge with pork, egg tofu and cabbage before rushing home to change and meet Jackson at 3pm.
But stupid Jackson was freaking late. He came only at 415pm. Poor me, had to endure shopping alone for 1 hour and 15 mins. Sigh.
Nothing much to blog about for that anyway. Pretty boring cos nothing in mind to buy too.
Oh but Jingie, I bought this really cute thing for you though! HAHA! :P

Well, but I’m pretty excited about Sunday cos we are going Sentosa! Yay.
And Monday’s pre-camp’s gonna start so yay again!
In fact I’m packing now.
Is it ridiculous to bring a luggage-like bag but those that we can drag along for a 4days3nights camp?
Haha, I don’t know, very lazy to carry things around and have no such suitable bags on hand now.
Pretty excited. Not sure if the group likes the identity that I’ve made into necklaces. I hope so!

Anyway, came back to J8 to meet Dad for dinner. Been long since I ate the chicken rice at Kim San Leng. Really nice and heartwarming. I always like eating dinner with Dad.
Bought Shape Magazine on my way too. Haha, now I have skipping ropes! Yay. To train.
And omg, I signed up for the Shape Magazine 5km run too! Oh no, another cross country! I really hope I can tahan :( Shall start training up soon!
Oh well, so many things! I’m so overwhelmed now!
There’s still audition tmr and KTV!
Ok shall continue to pack and listen to Jing’s good news!


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