My Gloomiest Day in 2007

This must be one of my gloomiest days this year.
Like the weather this late afternoon, I never smiled at all today.
Got up, bathed, and went to KTV, alone.
Just wanted to sing. But nope, it didn’t work, the lonliness crept into me even more.
So I took a bus down to Jing’s area and got myself the bubble tea.
Nope, that didn’t work either, in fact it amplified it.

Took a bus back to J8. Walked around, with the company of my Ipod.
No idea why am I feeling like this since last night, but I just felt F**king lousy.
I walked into Poh Kim and Sembawang Music, it didn’t make me smile.
I walked into Mini Toons, Action City and Precious Thots, it didn’t make me smile either.
I walked into the arcade, changed some coins and started Bishi-Bashing alone, but nope it didn’t make me smile either.
So I just sat down somewhere and stoned.
Just look at things, while listening to music, I didn’t even feel like shopping.
At that very moment, I just felt like tearing. WTH!

I stood up, went to level 4, walked into Comic Zone or sth can’t rmb the name.
Got myself a mobile charm, in the form of a 4-leaf clover.
Told myself this is it, I shall allow myself to be sad for one last time, but when I reach home, I must be happy.
And then this song started playing…

I finally understood why am I feeling this way.
Jingie, I am waiting for you to come online, I don’t want to blog this down.


2 responses to “My Gloomiest Day in 2007

  1. this song is the devil beside u song theme

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