SE Z610i in … Bimbotic Pink

Jo the Bimbo; Thanks for your Children’s Day Gift Rich! Got my phone! says (9:42 PM):
i feel like a little kid
Jo the Bimbo; Thanks for your Children’s Day Gift Rich! Got my phone! says (9:42 PM):
getting children days’ pressie
jing ; (: says (9:43 PM):
…HAHHA. ure a little kid what!
jing ; (: says (9:43 PM):
Jo the Bimbo; Thanks for your Children’s Day Gift Rich! Got my phone! says (9:43 PM):

jing ; (: says (9:43 PM):
jing ; (: says (9:43 PM):
a bimbotic lil kid

Went out a while ago to Singpost to get the parcel. Suspected its the one from my brother. Scary, driving alone at night is bad. Vision is poor, no experience and traffic is heavy. Need loads of judgement, so scared, lucky I didn’t make any wrong ones, else I won’t be blogging now.

So excited, cos I have no idea what he got for me! And when I got it and I immediately opened them without reading the card, so sorry Rich, I didn’t know I was supposed to make a wish for every one I opened! :( Nvm la, I love them all the same… More necklaces to wear, but I don’t really wear necklaces actually. Too lazy. Sometimes I’m so lazy that I just go out without earrings. LOL

Reached home safely and met Dad to get the phone. Ahaha, I took D900 and Z610i, held them, but still couldn’t decide. Smsed Jingie, but still couldn’t decide. So I called her. And yup, I’m glad I made the right decision, I certainly prefer a phone that can save sent smses automatically. So yup Z610i for me! Cheap! I saved $90. :) But I think I’m going to GMASK it, cos I don’t really like the fingerprints on the front. Paiseh, a rather neat freak here.

See how la, else I will go down to Bugis tmr to get it done cheaply. Aiya, sadly, Starhub doesnt deal with blue sets :( and black’s sold out. So I am stuck with Bimbotic Pink, yeah that explains why Jingie called me a bimbotic lil kid. Yucks don’t like pink. Even the themes are pink. Luckily I managed to transfer that black theme from my old SE phone over. Phew. I can’t imagine staring at a pink screen. Yucks. Even the keypad’s pink. Oh well, just have to make do with that I guess.

So I’m home now.. Downloading songs to the new phone. Excited cos I love the new phone. Think I’m going FF tmr. :) And probably window shop around Orchard.. alone cos Ning isn’t free :( Ah. I’m (Mr) lonely, I got nobody.. on my own… stupid song. I used to like it alot.

Yeah yeah, update with pics soon!


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