A proper update!

Alright decided to do a proper update.
Aiya dumb me, I have already talked about the KTV few entries back.
So here’s the photos! :)

Evie and Jaspi hard at work.

Evie singing is Macarthur Park or sth like that.

Me and the Bestie who knows it all!

Jaspi and Jingie!

A new budding Videographer at work! LOL

Oh and these photos are from Adventure Singapore.

Horrible LUNCH!? Sorry, I don’t call this lunch.

Whatever’s nice, I don’t like carbonated drinks so didn’t try Anything.

Slept pretty late on Sunday but we had to be there by 830 on Monday for precamp.
So I asked Daddy dear about what time I should leave house…
Then he told me 715. Which means I have to wake up at 615. ZZZZZZZ
Then at 1130pm, he came out and said, Aiyo! I fetch you la!
Haha, and I asked if he can tongpang my friends too, basically Evie and Jaspi.
Then he said Can la, you ask them to wait at the busstop opp MRT.
So yay! We all had transport.
Actually, I didn’t want him to fetch cos I am always very worried when he’s on the roads.
He drives… rather recklessly after there’s a triangle up there on the car.
He says people bullies him if he’s not rather reckless.
So oh well. May November come faster!
Next morning, I told him, drive safely ok, late never mind, safety is more important.
Then he said, I thought you are driving?
Immediately, I gave him the -____-” face and said ok, at least that sounds better.
So yay off we went to Pasir Ris! My first time driving in the morning, with heavy traffic so it was indeed a very very enriching experience.
Haha, Evie got scared for a period of time cos it looks like I was about to kiss the butt of the car in front of me. LOL
Ok la, actually I drive safer as compared to my dad. :X
So we reached at 8 and off we went to Macs!
Apparently only Khai Cher and Xin Yuan were there. Zhigeng came by and then followed by Muni then Ade. :)
The camp comm are really a bunch of nice people!
Ok la, SoC-ians are all nice! Except maybe, a few bad eggs here and there. HIAK

So we went Pasir Ris park after that, it was Icebreakers tryout first, then Station Games, then lunch then treasure hunt and then… counterstrike!
Let’s just say Evie and Jaspi did a really good job for the games, but some people didn’t really appreciate the effort. Or maybe I’m saying this because I saw how hard they worked but the rest didnt? I don’t know. Good job anyway guys. :)
Then we ended around 7 or 8? And had to proceed back to school. Evie, Jaspi and I went back first.
Long talk on the train and more talk at Subway.
Got to know them much better definitely. I like long talks.

Yeah, then in the end, I had no idea why I went back to school for, cos I didn’t even go find them, I left for home when my parents came.
Cos I was working at CommunicAsia rmb?
Aiya, lao sai job. Shan’t talk about it.
Reported in the morning, I left at 1130.
Then I smsed Evie, and he told me to go join them, so off I went from Expo, back home, and back to Pasir Ris again. Not in the right attire.
Woo. But I didn’t regret cos BEACH GAMES WERE DARN FUN!
Haha, maybe cos I’m pretty much a beach person if there’s games. I’m not those go there sit down and dig sand and get all dirty. YUCKS.
Or even get pumped in the sand. That’s the ultimate. Stupid South District Camp. Oops.
Getting pumped is bad. Getting pumped in the sand is… !@#!#!%!@#!@ OH, at Sentosa as well.
I think my yearmates would know what I’m talking about, right Dior, Fel, Annie, Jasie? GRR!

Left for Bishan after the games, Jaspi went to the Gym so Evie left with me to join Jingie for dinner.
As usual talk crap and stone, and play arcade.
About well chickens, and many other things, they can really make my day even though everyone’s so freaking shagged.
And that stupid porn looking photohunt! YUCKS.
Imagine a high cut swimming costume and the missing part is at the triangle.
No wonder Evie didn’t wanna press. LOL
They are like missing. I rmb taking them too. So wierd.

Ok, and now I’m awake. But still tired.
Shall stay at home today. Read books? I don’t know. Too stone to do anything.
Had such a good time these two days. ;)
Even though its helluva a tiring thing, but I’m still looking forward to camp next week!
Woo, and the upcoming chalet that Jing’s joining us for! :D

Shall end the post here with 2 cute photos :)
I’m definitely not a cat lover, but I couldn’t resist touching them.
Super cute, I was massaging the neck and the white one immediately lied down on the floor. Lol the black one was jealous and came over. He walked one whole round around me before lying down in front of me.
If only Pom Pom does that. ZZzZz. That silly ni-ni! He only knows how to hum me and lick me. Stupid horny rabbit.


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