Adventure Singapore? -_-

Omg, it was a pui-pui-pui event!
Management sucks. Everything was in a mess.
Felt like a bloody servant.
Shan’t talk about it anymore, just makes me pissed off. YUCKS!

Supposed to wake up at 8am today.
BUT WTH! I was wondering why my half-an-hour was so long cos I heard Dad went out of house at 730am as usual to fetch Mom from church.
THEN I took my watch.. AND OMG! It was 1030am!!!!
I was feeling SOO bad.
Cos I pangseh-ed two people you know.
I was thinking, I hope Jingie’s no longer waiting for me at Bishan! :(
OMG. But she was smart to call me on my hp, so she was still at home.
FYI, I only switch on my phone when I’m awake. Hiak.

Yeah, then I only left house at 1130am after bathing. And who knows, I was the earliest. -__-
Haha, I rushed out of my house with gargle in my mouth, ok sorry, I know it sounds sick but I was so flustered that I didn’t realise.
Halfway to 3rd storey of library, I could NOT tahan anymore!!! I wanted to sneeze. I had to chiong my way to the toilet to pui it out! Omg. Very xin ku :(
Yeah, Jing came a while later, and Evan was late! He was only here at 1215…zzz.

Then finished part of the camp log for Evan and then headed to Subway for lunch.
Lunch was amazing, count me in as a fan of Subway!
My teriyaki chicken was WOOOOO! YUMMY!
Hehe, somehow their tomatoes are superb, wanted to ask them to add more, but a bit paiseh.
Then WE WENT KTV-ing!
Amazing, I just want to sing. I love to sing.
Until I joined choir who killed all my passion for singing.
Then I found it back while KTV-ing with them at Chalet.
Personally, I find singing very therapeutic. If I’m sad, I just have to sing, and whee! I’m fine again.
But today’s KTV wasn’t exactly good, cos I felt as if I dragged them there..
Oops. Sorry people!
Still waiting for photos from them. Meanwhile, I’ve updated the Funfair post with photos!
I think singing with Ning’s still the best cos I can really scream my heart out at anything. I don’t have to worry about singing lousily or whatever. I am me when I’m with her. :)

Haha! Anyway, just came home from the dinner.
And now I’m so freaking FULL! :(
But good news, I have hit 55kg! Yay.
3 more to go.
Gonna be a busy week from tmr onwards.
Precamp, CommunicAsia.
Will update again soon, don’t even know what company I’m working under. Sigh.
Just now I’m going to wear a Cheongsum. It had better not have any holes anywhere or cut really high, I don’t wanna scare people off with cellulites.


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