Met Ning at 3pm today!
And almost immediately, we knew what we had to do..
And off we went K-Box-ing at Cine!
Therapeutic! So long since I wanted to sing, but no one wanted to sing with me.
And now, I have a dahling friend who doesnt mind how horribly I sing, how I cant catch up with the lyrics and how crazy I look standing on the sofa and singing! :)
Thanks Ning! You made my day.

This is the best photo of the day, didn’t have my camera with me, only a pathetic hp cam.

I had to put this up cos I’m so super impressed with how she did her hair. Amazing. I don’t think I can ever do things like this, its just tie and go! Either that or pop a cap.
I love your curls Ning, please dont straighten your hair!

Well, Evan came by at 530pm. :)
And off we went hunting for FLIPFLOPS!
Went Heerens. And omg! What a change. I’m sure I will be back there SOON.
Actually, I wanted to get the Brown and Orange one, but Evan said he liked it, so I decided to take the Brazil colours just at the same time when Evan said he didn’t want the Orange and Brown one anymore -___-
Felt like killing him on the spot. But oh well, NO REGRETS!
Look! So pretty!

Oh yeah, pardon the messiness of my room. It’s only this part of the room that’s messy! :P
Haha yes yes, how can the Neat Freak be messy right?

Anyway, then we headed back to J8 and met Jingie on the train.
Felt so bad. :( Chixian waited for over an hour for us!
Yeah, then off we went UK-ing!
So darn fun can!
When I went up on Vortex… I was telling Jingie I was going to die.
Seriously, the same feeling from Genting’s Freefall came back to haunt me. I could just simply die on the spot can :( It’s so scary.
But when it went down.. It was shiok, just pure screaming!
Especially the last part… when it was so super fast!
After we came down, Evan shared something funny with us.
He said guys shouldn’t sit that ride. Very painful. And we had a good laugh about that. LOL
Shan’t write it too explicitly. Those who understands, understands.

Then off I went sitting on Sky Rider, which is a swing thing I sat in HK before.
Memories memories. :)
But yup, when we all came down, most felt giddy and Chixian wanted to puke.
Rested a while, took some photos and off we went eating!

Jingie and I concluded Evan’s really a nice guy and that whoever will be his gf/wife-to-be/wife, will be a lucky girl. It’s true. Evan’s really gentlemanly and understands almost everything.
He even held Chixian’s shoes during the whole Vortex right. HOW SWEET right! :)

Anyway… then we headed to J8 to walk around and get pressies for our respective fathers/brothers/friends whatever. LOL.
They didn’t get anything in the end, while I got a shaver for my dad. He’s been walking past that every single Sunday when we go J8-ing and its so silly cos he really want to get it but bu she de.
Got my Seventeen Mag too! :)

Went home and presented the gift to Dad and he was grinning from ear to ear!
Been long since I saw him so happy.
So glad because I got a rather meaningful, practical and useful thing for him.
To Dad who doesn’t read my blog… HAPPY DAD’S DAY! :P


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