Cupcakes :(

Look what I just chanced upon!
It’s making me hungry :(
And its so pretty…

*Looks at Jingie* – Puppy eyes!

Credits to Youth.SG and Cupcake Momma btw :)

If a guy can bake me this, I’m so going to melt on the spot…


6 responses to “Cupcakes :(

  1. oh my gawd.. the cupcakes look damn niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. ooh yes indeed. hehe, next gathering… we order some and bring there. bet it will be finished in no time! :P

  3. haha okokkkkk i wan i wan! it’s making me hungry!

  4. Haha, same here. Imagine, no breakfast and lunch yet.. and staring at this.. HMM!

  5. omg. ok, i’ll work towards this standard ok.
    making me drool as well!
    cupcakemomma is super good.

  6. MUAHAHA! :)
    Its damn nice right. The details. Omg. They are superb. I just hope it tastes as nice too! But then, bu she de EAT!

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