Just a post dedicated to my bestieee boo! :D
Hehe! Thanks for listening to my rants… and everything else.
For the support the encouragement and the laughter you have brought to my life! ILU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…If the going gets tough, and the tough gets going…
Look for your bestie…
But if your bestie can’t help…

Then do this…

HAHA NO LA JK! I just couldn’t find anywhere to blog about this brillant photo. Haha, so here you go!

ANYWAY, look what just made my day few days ago!

My Fayfey clutch! :D

Sharing a hair-raising good song.
I personally feel this is even better than the original version.
Huang Zhiyang and Theresa sing really well, especially in conditions like this, and you can still hear the resonance!

And what I’m feeling best.. at the moment:

Last but not least, ending the post with a super lame photo! :D


2 responses to “JINGIE!

  1. HAHHAA.
    i swearrr.. after this post, whatever reputation i had left, would have flown out of the windows!
    -strangles jo.
    but aww.. SHWEEET (:
    love you babee.

  2. Haha! :D AWW :D BLOG BLOG!

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