Evan’s 25th Birthday!

YAY before blogging! Just wanted to shout-out!

Jackson, myself and Jasper was supposed to meet at 530pm instead.
But I had a last minute casting for some Condo TVC so I was running late.
Oh well! ANYWAY, when I reached, Jasper was waiting there, but Jackson and Chixian was upstairs.
How lame was that! Haha.
Yeah, went up and started preparing our ‘surprise’ for Evan!
Which is just 25 fruits in a transparent bag for Evan to carry along Somerset to Minds Cafe at Dhoby Ghaut.

And so we started writing the card.. and well, waiting for Evan to come.
Yup, we started getting bored and took lame photos.

Me, Chixian and Jingie! :D

Then Evan came by and waited at the toilet, while Jasper went over to pick him up with a blindfold.
And then he was left alone, with a pair of market slippers and the bag of fruits and veggies and a note asking him to walk to Le Meridian to wait for us.
The rest of us, Chixian, Jing, Jackson, Jasper and me quickly left and waited at OG.
But OMG, Evan sure walks fast. He was already at Le Meridian!

Evan’s MARKET slippers! :D

Uncle’s inspecting his fruits/veggies!

We had a stopover at PS where Evan was told to well, display his ‘fruits and veggies’ for sale. LOL.

Finally a group photo! :D
Chixian, Jackson, Jasper, Evan, myself and Jingie!
Took some photos and then headed to Minds Cafe.

On the way there!

But on the way, a kiwi burst…

Just wanted to applaud Evan for walking all the way from Somerset to Minds Cafe, such a long distance, carrying such a heavy bag of things. :D
Hehe, but that was not all…Jackson made a huge bow for him to put on before he went up!

We started being silly while waiting for the food to come.. we ordered… 7 sets. Cos Bryan was here too.

And presenting the guy behind the camera.. and all these silly ideas.. other than the veggies. :D


And my dahling bestie!

The soup of the day.. tell you ah, after drinking, I seriously felt damn full.

And my not-so-nice-tasting-peach-float -_-

And presenting Mr BIRTHDAY UNCLE BOY!!

Then we started playing games like.. UGLY DOLL? Haha, Jasper and Jackson were super into the game.. LOL

Haha and us with the food. Mine was pretty salty.. didn’t like it at all. First time I didn’t finish half of my food. LOL
Jasper ate it all though. LOL Hungry BOY.

And then we started playing… guesstures? Lol.
Hello, look at this and tell me what you think it is?


So Evan gave up and joined me instead!

And finally.. its time to cut the CAKE! :D

But I was pretty sick of eating it.. too much cheese! Haven’t had cake for a longgggggggggggggggg time.

Wishing upon a star.. :P

Evan and his card!

First shirt! I chose both! :D

Second one!

And finally the whole group! Including Bryan!

The dare was to use her tongue to touch her nose.. hAHaha!

And Jasper got.. “Act like the opposite sex.” Super funny!

Jingie got.. “Whats your most embarrassing moment?”

Had a nice time! Thanks for the company people!
And we played Jenga till 11pm.. and yay. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN! :)
Reached home at 12am, feeling darn shagged.
Slept at 2am burning CDs that didn’t work.
827MB in total. Imagine. -_- Jackson the photog. LOL Ended up waking up at 1pm.
Anyway if you want to see the whole set, click here!


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