Oops. Haven’t been blogging much.
Tired. And lonely. Hahaha!

Met RZ and Dave on Sunday, got the identities. Freaking cute.
Just hope the freshies like them!
After speaking to RZ, the more I feel like going for NOC. And NOC it shall be. :)
Shall apply the next semester.

Yeah Monday was spent, stoning at home and playing Theme Hospital.
Yeah yeah, no life.
Tuesday was spent doing the same thing.
But I just got to know a piece of good news! :D
Serene, my primary school best pal is moving to Bishan! OMG!
How cool is that! Yay. I can meet up with her anytime I want! :D
So happy. She’s one of the few whom I kept in contact till today.
Whee, yet another dahling to join our Bishan clan!

Well, today, on another note is going to be a funky and funny day.
Why? Cos its Evan’s pre birthday party! *THROWS CONFETTI*
And I’m meeting Tcube for lunch and to get his yummy cookies.
Well, I will update with more photos, tonight? I hope.
Till then. Here’s ending with a fabulous delicious yummylicious… non-edible…

It’s sold out already! :D


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