My Dogs!

Korkor says (11:45 PM):
when mum watching show from 8PM to 3AM ,still haven;t sleep .zhu zai and xiao bai also don;t sleep ,looking at mum !When mum go to bed ,they follow her to sleep in her room at once.”ARR we can sleep lor”said by xiao bai and zhu zai

I miss my brother’s dogs..
I won’t be seeing them after all…

I can still remember the times when Xiao Bai ate my ring and Dad found it in the faeces.
Today, Rich told me Zhu Zai did the same thing. He ate Mom’s lipstick. YUCKS. How gross is that.
I can’t imagine eating a Lipstick and burping happily about it.

Korkor says (11:56 PM):
then i take it out from his mouth
Korkor says (11:56 PM):
don;t know why they can eat .
Korkor says (11:57 PM):
are they so hungry ?
Korkor says (11:57 PM):
maybe he think the lipstick is a bone le



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