Woke up early in the morning.
To see if Jingie’s ok with singing in the morning..
But ended up she said she had sore throat BOO.

Anyway, I saw her online at 1130…
Started going mad talking about HAIR!
I have been wanting a new hairstyle since long long time ago.
And my friend http://tippytapp.livejournal.com just got a new hairstyle.
Everyone’s like snipping their treasures off!
So I wanted to as well.
Jingie was hesitant. Then her momsie came in and asked her if she wanted to cut her hair! LOL
Damn funny.
So I started looking for sites where you can see yourself in hairstyles.
HAHAHA. And I found..

How I wish I was blonde!

But no time, I had to rush out for lunch with Dad as he was fetching me to get the supplies.
Then omg! At 230pm I was still shopping for my supplies.
Was supposed to be at FF then!
OMG! Everything was so wrong, started dropping things, missing the bus. :( Horrid!
And by the time I reached FF safely, Jingie was there at the same time too!

Both of us were still recovering from several aches.
So I only well.. walked on the treadmill.
Tell me about it. How dumb to go FF huh!
I didn’t even perspire!
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better workout! :)
So off I went steaming. Damn shiok!
I think I prefer steaming then sauna-ing!

Then then, off we went to Reds at Takashimaya.
Actually I was pretty indecisive, could not decide whether I should cut or not!
Then the lady shampoo-ed for me.. which means, I MUST CUT!
Yeah, I had to decide fast.
But Rita could read my mind. She knew I could not do it.
She knew I’d regret if I cut my hair short..
So off she went doing what she thought was nice.
AND INDEED SO! I looked damn punk.
But I can look damn niang too. It’s just styling. ;)
Versatile hair I must say! :D
More layering but length’s still about the same.
OOPS! Disappointed you Jenna? :D



But Jingie was a little stronger.
She made a good decision.
She looked darn good!
I love her new look! :D
Too bad I have no photos.
Next time. Or rather tmr, if I see her! :D

And we went ‘shopping’.
But bought nothing la. :D
Ended up talking and laughing about things.
Damn funny journey home.
And met some irritating pests who keep bothering us about surveys.
Bloody hell.
Dad came by to pick me up before heading to Mom’s office and then to TTSH to visit Mom’s colleague.

Haha, he’s the best instructor for driving. Too bad he doesnt teach! :D

Anyway.. I think I got a plan.
Let’s just hope I can get over that phobia of mine. Like what Dad say, I need to try, else it will never ever be fruitful.


2 responses to “YAY

  1. u look so girly after e haircut!! haha cut short, u still can cut short! anyw really a pitty tt u nt blonde, u look great in the first pic. Lol wig maybe?

  2. YEAH LA niang like mad. But yeah, can look quite punk too lo. HAHA. OMG! You also think it looks nice! HAHA, means I must go bleach my hair blonde le. WOOT! :D Yeah, either that or get wig. SIAN WIG LOOKS FAKE lol

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