Oh yes, I’m so super bored, having muscle aches and all.
But hey, I have a life!

I went to Jing’s area to get my favourite bubble tea, placed a little surprised into her letterbox, and headed back to J8.
Got some fabulous items from J8 thanks to Jackson’s CHC’s voucher.
Look what I’ve got. MUAHAHA!
Let’s just say, for once, on impulse, I got things I really like!
Yay. Wearing them out tmr! :D

HEHE! And they cost less than $24 after discount!
Great buys definitely.
Anyway… I went around J8, think I’m going to get the Adidas Gym Bag after all.
But oh well, gotta save up a little more first. :)

Decided to go to the library to get some books, and haha.. I came back with 8 more books.
“Complete Book of Sewing”
“Colour Me Confident”
“Hairstyling” – Yes, I intend to get a new hairstyle, but decided against it after doing a pro and cons thing.
“Happiness in a Nutshell” – Don’t ask me why I got this, just thought the quotes were pretty cute :D
And 4 more other new Sandra Brown books!
YAY! I have something to do finally.

Then went to the Rental shop and got more movies.. lame ones in fact.
LOL hold your breath.
The Breakup
And last but not least Miss Congenality. Wanted to watch some old shows you see. :D

Yay, so nicer things to do over the weekend.
But its gonna be a long day out tomorrow.
Gotta top up on supplies, YES AGAIN. -_-
Then head down to FF with Jingie, and Debs (are you coming?).
Then to KBOX at Cine with Jingie to sing! :D

Sunday’s the same thing I guess, just that no more One George Street for me.
The time of the month! SIGH :(
Sorry Blossom!
I promise next time, but I’m definitely FF-ing on Sunday!

2 more photoshoots coming up.
This time round, one of them’s a Fashion Shoot! Is that cool or not!
Gonna be an ANTM version! BLOODY EXCITED!
Thanks Mr Hitch! :D Can’t wait to shoot soon.

Anyway, I got the job at CommunicAsia.
So hai, time to stand again 10am to 6pm.
I saw my dream car just now btw.
Its the Lexus Sportscar. WOOT! DAMN PRETTY.

Too bad ah, no $. I think for now, I can only afford a Chery QQ (weekend plate) LOL.
Got more exciting lining up in the next few weeks.
Evan’s birthday, pre-camp, CommunicAsia, Orientation Camp.
Wow. I hope to be able to survive all that.


2 responses to “HELLO WORLD!

  1. OMG. Complete book of Sewing is in my house too!!! HAHAHAH.
    anyhoo, thankyouu babeee. i haven seen what it is though cos i didnt get to go down and open my letterbox yet. hehs. but thankyou thankyou thankyou!! ((:
    see you later!

  2. HAHA! You crazy woman! See how ‘besties’ we are! :D:D We even borrowed the same book! LOL!


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