It certainly pays off to exercise.

Woke up at 1020am.
Left house at 1055am.
Was late, but only saw Evan’s sms at like 1100am.
So ended up I was earlier.

Did 3 rounds and felt like puking, tahan through round 4.
No breakfast you see.
Then left to meet Evan at the pool.
Went soaking, and now I’m a shade darker!
I like my tan!
I look healthy :D

Soaked till about 110pm talking about Rag and all.
Gonna join Rag Dance :D
Bathed and then left for Toa Payoh Sports Hall at 130pm.
Reached at 2pm.
The hall was a sauna man.
The moment you go in, its hot hot hot.
But great sweat out I must say.
I’m going to play badminton again.
I must certainly say the three of them are really good. :)
Really felt damn healthy today.

So yeah!
2kg off.
I’m officially 56kg now! :D

Yay. 4 more to go :)
Before the audition.
Hope I get through!

Think I’m going to stone around at home tomorrow?
How sad.
Or maybe go running.
LOL Running’s therapeutic! :D

WHEE. Now looking forward to Saturday. :D
Where I meet up with my FF girls :D
And lose even more kilos!
Then its MOVIE for all of us! :D


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