Guess who I saw while walking aimlessly..
Gosh, she still hasn’t recovered from her fall..
Ah oh well, never had a good impression of her anyway.

Went to stock up, and walk around Bugis.
All I do nowadays is accessories making, stoning, watch TV, read books, stone more.
I had a healthy lunch today.
Say Poh Piah and Kueh Tutu?

Life’s really boring you know.
I’m feeling hungry again.
Feel like cooking Konnyaku.
Or Mango pudding.
But I think Daddy will scold me.

HAHA! Just came back from cooking.
Cooking’s therapeutic.
Really! :)
Super happy now, can’t wait to eat! :D
There’s badminton tmr!
Shall go for a run at Bishan stadium before that.


2 responses to “Random

    cooking/baking is friggin therapeutic!

  2. YEAH LA.
    Organise a cupcake baking session! I wanna see you bake! :D Seeing others bake more therapeutic. Cos no need to clean up. :X

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