Shrek 3

Funny shit! :)
Did a rather impulse thing.
Got an sms at 715pm from Evan to go watch movie.
I immediately MSN-ed Jingie who agreed.
Evan called Jackson while I called Jasper.
I like!

The movie’s at 845pm btw.
LOL we all rushed down by 830pm.
Had a blackout and we were stuck in the lift which brought us down to Level1.
So dumb.

Laughed alot during the whole show.
BUZZ the bees.
And the sudden playing of that music.
But still.. something’s quite empty.
Something’s not quite right.
Can’t explain.
Just that, maybe everything looks like its correct..
May actually be all wrong..

Sudden lost of direction.
Meeting on Thurs to play badminton.
But I have no racket.

Digress. ALL THE BEST TO JINGIE for your interview and BTT tmr! :)
May you ace them all!


3 responses to “Shrek 3

  1. xie xie ni (:
    enjoyed myself tooo.
    thanks for asking! (:

  2. I liked it– some idiot at work had not seen the other two and was complaining that he didn’t think it was funny.
    Didn’t understand the donkey and dragon things or why the female ogre had a frog and woman for parents–

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