In a freaking lousy mood.
Just feeling plain laosai and tired.
And sick of everything.

Anyway, was looking at Evan’s photos that day, and how I wish I could live in a house like this…

Or if everything here belonged to me. Except maybe Snoopy.

You are not making it easy for me.
I want the independent Jo back.
Btw Jingie.. it’s havaianas.. not havianas. LOL


2 responses to “!@#!

  1. HELLO! -waves. cheer up babe!

    anyhoo, OOPS. haha.

    oh, and can i have one of those woodie pls? (:

  2. :)

    Thanks dearie.
    Haha, its ok I walked past today and saw as well!

    NO, they are MINE! :D

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