City Harvest Emerge 2007

Anyway, this happened on the 31st May though.

Well, I was out at FF whole day, had to rush back ASAP before I was late.
Daddy dear rushed me to Expo :) Phew.
But upon reaching, I realised I forgot my wallet.
Gosh. Imagine if he had alighted me at Paya Lebar or sth.
Guess I’d be DEAD. Stranded. LOL. Might have to sell my handphone to get $.
Jasper told me to walk to Aljunied to find him.

Anyway… it’s been great.
But I think SMU/SIM team’s the best.
Gosh, love their cheerleading.
But costume wise, I think Singapore Poly’s was the best. :D

Guess who came.
TANK! :)
But he didn’t sing Zhuan Shu Tian Shi.
He sang some new song and.. another one. Can’t rmb.
OH WELL! Pity.

Nothing much to say…
Just that I reached home late and hungry.
So did Evan. LOL.
We ate Potato at 7-11 before heading home.

Oh yeah, we made those boards btw. :D


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