Many things, I appreciate, the most, my family and besties who stood by me.

Anyway, today’s a great day because I went down to Bras Besah finally to get my printouts for Portfolio and yes, my portfolio’s in finally in a presentable condition.

And yes, to get my compcards, the auntie’s super nice, she does the compcards so many time for me, and she didn’t charge me for them. :) And yup, super cheap $150 for 100! OMG :D

HEHE! Yeah, so anyway, thanks Zh for going down with me :) I got my felt finally, 72 pieces of them. TIME TO SEW! :D:D

Then after that, I went to meet dearest Jingie who was late.. so ended up sitting next to the Ice-Cream truck for 30minutes. :( Feeling so hot, but didn’t wanna add up calories before running so yeah.

Headed to Fitness First, for once, I feel so darn accomplished, having finished running 2.4km after so long. Ok, my timing deproved but still.. after 1.5+ years. OMG :D Proud of myself. Haha, then did some cycling.. stretching and headed to the Sauna. SHIOK! Felt damn healthy coming out. :P

Walked around the area with my dearest Jingie, talking about Hot and Cold pants, someone from her workplace, and… many other things. So OLD TIME! But, yes definitely liked it. Felt so happy after so long. Have always wanted to catch up with her. She’s the kind of friend, who will stay with you till you are old. And even though you feel like something about the friendship isnt going right, you can just tell it straight to her, and she doesn’t take offense.

I LOVE YOU BESTIE BOO. Thanks for making my day, a memorable one :D Lalala. Time to rest my aching hands. Thanks to the shoes and everything else, felt blah, portfolio.
SEE YA TMR AT FF AGAIN! :D:D Hopefully. I get to wake up. =X


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