Updates here and there!

Mother’s day over, my dad and I got my mom a Bonia wallet which she likes very much. Good!
And so, its Wednesday today.

Went KTV-ing yesterday. :D:D
Didn’t really sing much cos my voice was going bad from the flu and… the extreme coldness in KBOX. So much for the “Central Airconditioning”. Try harder, KBox. But anyway, happy happy, Rich should know why. ;)

Woke up early to get ready for casting, had a hard time finding the place. Super ulu, but I saw Joanna Koh there. Yes, the supermodel from Singapore, the judge for Miss Singapore World last year. Ah anyway, it was quite lame, having to smile and jump, in the middle of nowhere, at 1plus. FREAKING HOT and perspiring like mad.

Then headed down for dentist. Yay to white teeth. Haven’t seen them for ages. No tea, coffee for me ANYMORE! Yucks. Hate stains. Walk around in my so painful heels. I forgot about my blisters from walking in the polkadotted shoes the day before. Hai, more spending when I came back to J8. But its all worth it, for the casting tmr. Let’s just cross my fingers that, somehow a miracle happens tomorrow and I get through! Why do I say so, cos go look at the CUE models, those that are 1.7 and above. So many hotties. Hehe, whatever it is, tmr’s shopping day for me anyway. :D

Yay. Seriously can’t wait for GSS to come.


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